Francoy's Resort
Big Fish Lake, Marcellus
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This site before 1900 was known as "Island Park". There were two Cottages - Sunrise & Sunset - with a Boat House below of John and Kate Loveridge. Before 1899 John and Kate Loveridge built a Boarding House, now the Southwest end of the Old Hotel Loveridge. In 1900 their son, Henry and his wife, Rose built the Hotel. The Hotel had a stage, dance floor and 22 rooms. Before we bought this old resort in September, 2013, the owner had sold off the Mahogany Bar, the 1900 cash register, all the better furniture and allowed the Hotel and Cottages to fall into disrepair. An early (still working) Oak Refrigerator is still in the Hotel kitchen.

One evening about 1950 a fire started in Sunrise Cottage and destroyed it. While waiting for the fire department people hurriedly carried the Cottage contents over to Sunset Cottage. The next morning Sunrise Cottage caught fire burning to the ground along with the contents of both cottages. This Duplex Cottage was then built on the Site.

Northwest and to the left is the route to Finch Lake and the old stream leaving the Lakes. To your right and along the West shore is the way North to East and West Saddle Bag Lakes. In the summers of the 1920's a "Ferry" ran from your right across the Lake summers. Most visitors came to Island Park by train. They were met at the Marcellus Train Depot and transported with trunks by a team of horses and wagon. Guests usually stayed several weeks. During their visits they would write Post Cards to friends and relatives telling what their stays were like. The Lake was known for its good fishing.
This was built as half of a duplex cottage about 1950 on the Site of the original 1901 Sunrise Cottage. Two 10 x 10 bedrooms, knotty pine, central gas heat and air conditioning plus a fireplace. Looks West across Lake. Boat in front. 4 people maximum.


Similar to Sunrise, new furnace and air conditioning, new furnishings. Boat in front. 4 people maximum.