Francoy's Resort
Big Fish Lake, Marcellus

This is the Site where John and Kate Loveridge, natives of New York, built their boat house in the
1880's. Before 1899 John & Kate built a Boarding House (now the South part of the Old Hotel). John
served in the Michigan Infantry, Company A, during the War Between the States. Eventually the
Boathouse (down lower by the Lake) was replaced with this Cottage. John died in 1901. Their son,
Henry Loveridge and his wife, Rose built the Hotel Loveridge in 1900. It had 22 rooms (some must have
been very small) and a two story screened front porch.

John and Kate's Boathouse became where they stayed in warm summer weather. Their farm home off
the Island (horses had to wade to get out here until the teens or twenties) is half way out (back up Fish
Lake Drive) on the right.

Cottages on the mainland began to be built in the teens. Loveridge's son, Bert inherited the Hotel and
Cottages in 1929 when his mother, Rose died. He sold it all to the Francoy family in 1945 who ran it
(last, by son-in-law, Robert DeRoeck) until 2013 when it was sold in a very run down condition.
The John & Kate Cottage has windows across the lakefront looking Northwest, two 10 x 10 bedrooms, A/C - Heat Pump, a fireplace, small updated kitchen all on one level. Closest to parking. Boat in front. Charming arts and crafts knotty pine interior. 4 people max.
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