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Francoy's Resort
Big Fish Lake, Marcellus

Henry L. Loveridge, living on Section 8, Marcellus Township, is the popular owner of Island Park, on which is a beautiful lake, famous for its good fishing. Michigan, with its excellent climate, its fine parks and beautiful lake regions, furnishes excellent opportunity for the development of attractive summer resorts, and Mr. Loveridge in connection with the improvement of his agricultural interests, has spent considerable time in promoting Island Park, which is now a most popular resort.

He was born at Paw Paw, in Van Buren County, Michigan, 15 December 1857, his parents being John and Kate (Hinkley) Loveridge, who were natives of New York. The mother came to Michigan about seventy years ago, when only three years old, and Mr. Loveridge arrived in this state when about twenty-five years of age. They were married in Michigan and for a long period the father devoted his attention to contracting.

In early life he learned the carpenter's trade and for a considerable period was closely associated with building operations in this section of the state. At the time of the Civil War he put aside all business and personal interests, however, and espoused the cause of the Union, serving as a member of Company A, Thirteenth Michigan Infantry, during the last of the war. He died in Cass County 15 January 1901 at the age of sixty-nine years, and is yet survived by his widow, who now resides in Marcellus. She is one of the esteemed pioneer women of this part of the state, having made her home in Michigan for the allotted psalmist's span of three scores years and ten.

Henry L. Loveridge, their only child, remained in his native county until fifteen years of age, when he went to Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he remained until twenty-two years of age. During that period he spent five years as an employee in a store and for two years was in the service of the American Express Company. He then returned to Paw Paw, and for five years remained upon the home farm following his marriage. In 1886 he removed to Marcellus and opened a store, which he conducted for fifteen years, carrying on a prosperous bakery and grocery business. He also conducted a store at Schoolcraft for one year, and four years ago he came to Fish Lake and took charge of the resort which his father had established three years previous.

Mr. Loveridge has also erected a hotel and has a boarding house which his father built. He was married in September 1879 to Miss Rose Taylor, a native of this township and a daughter of John Taylor. They now have one son, Bert, who is advance agent of the Forepaugh & Sells Circus.

The Resort continued to be known as "Island Park" and the 22 room "Loveridge Hotel" until Henry and Rose Loveridge's son sold the island cottages and hotel to August and Mary Francoys in April, 1945.  They ran the resort as "Francoys Resort" until their deaths when their daughter Marguerite DeRoeck took over. 

In September of 2013 the Resort, then in a very dilapidated condition, was sold to the present owners who have since spent a great deal of time and money to renovate the historic Hotel and Cottages.  They kept the name "Francoys Resort".  What had been a run-down Mobile Home Park was transformed into a 15 site modern campground. 

The 5 cottages (still with lovely quaint knotty pine interiors)  were upgraded in 2014 including modern kitchens and bathrooms with showers.

Fill was added between the shore line and island over 70 years ago making it possible for visitors to drive up on to the former island by a private black top road.  Visitors pass several cottages coming up the road, one of which was the former Ice House for the Resort and  Hotel in the 1890's

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The History of Francoy's Resort
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